Somewhere over the Rainbow

Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:50
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Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Let's take a trip to the past. Hold on tight it's a quick ride, but I'm not saying it isn't a bumpy road. Olden days' here we come. Think, Think, Think, Brain Blast!

The place... 369 Incline Avenue, Spring Valley, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Time... 5:24, August 23, 2000

-Xo (Me)
-Nene (Nina Nevaeh; Love)
-China (My China`Doll)
Gabby (Gabrielle)
It started out as a normal day, but then again at that age don't they all? Yeah, who am I kidding, my friends and I, it seemed, couldn't quite grasp the concept of normal. And, right now you should feel really special because you get the chance to see what a normal day was to us.

I wake up because there's this lawn mower running a block away. But I can't seem to get the buzzing out of my head. So I run to the kitchen and open the refrigerator, grab a pop shake it up and place it next to my brothers bed for safe keeping. Then I head to the shower so I can start my morning runs. While I'm in there I notice the lawn mower stops. Finally! I thought to myself.
I dress myself for the day, or so I thought at the time. And I headed for the phone.

I called up my girl, Nina Nevaeh; Love and told her to make her way over to my house 'cause it was an absolute emergency. Hung up and ran to my living room to make sure everything was ready to go bungee jumping off the side of her neighbors house, which I could see out of a window. Then I hit up, Mz.Adams, Angel and Pepe, and My China`Doll and told them to meet at my house and stat. So everyone's parents dropped them off, because we weren't suppose to go outside alone; that early in the morning. So were ate breakfast then headed out to Nene's (Nina's) place. Then we shimmied up the side of her neighbor home.

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