Solartron Case Analysis

Published: 2021-06-29 07:00:20
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make the JV successful & save the awarded projectCritical management issues poor communication between the parties – resulting in unrealistic expectations and assumptions made in terms of contribution of both parties to the joint venturealso allocation of time and focus continues to be a problem confidence in solatron and their Kenyan entity freezeking was diminished in the eyes of the kda  - (unreliability of supply components from Canada – delays in canada blocking shipment container) quality of local tanks fails local standard established by solatron specs – unsuitability of locally made tanks with the solatron system thereby failing the local standard established by solatron with KDA. Lack of knowledge and application by FreezakingInadequate transfer of technical and marketing expertise, support, product knowledge and product application Canadian solar engineer expatriate intended to be technical expert not available until December. Marcil did not backfill to meet this need.Grant from CIDA came through rapidly and contract proceeded ahead of getting everything set up properly.the priority to addressing the achievement of the goal  regain confidence in Freezeking and resolve issues relating to delivery of contract namely – in terms of  unreliability of supply, inadecuatte technology transfer and technical support, fix the local standard, lack of contract management/delivery skills.

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