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Published: 2021-06-29 07:12:15
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a) Surf the Web and their intranets and extranets.
Web browser. The business can choose from a variety of different web browsers based on its needs. Often prone to malware due to the existence of security vulnerabilities.
b) Send messages to each other’s computer workstations.
E-mail. Sending electronic mail is a fast mode of communication. Users are exposed to spoof and spam mail if they do not utilize anti-spam software.
c) Help employees work together in teams.
Groupware. It will project teams to monitor changes and determine who has made changes and their overall impact. Conversely, most groupware applications are costly to install and maintain.
d) Use a group of productivity packages that work together easily.
Software suite. Purchasing programs as a suite lowers costs than purchasing them individually. However, different programs from a single manufacturer may not have the best features to serve different business needs.
e) Help sales reps keep track of meetings and sales calls.
Personal Information Manager Software. Its portability allows users to access information from remote locations. Conversely, users can only access the information from locations with internet connection.
f) Type correspondence and reports.

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