Sociological Affect

Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:34
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People are seen in many different lights. Everyone is different. As a group we also seem to adjust to things being a certain way. When you break those social-norms it can cause quite a stir. Changing a just a few simple things can cause quite an impact.
For my research I chose to do something I would have never done. The way I started my research was to go to Hi-Fi Buys dressed in my pajamas and a bag of popcorn. I headed to the appliance section and proceeded to pop said popcorn after the popcorn was finished I headed over to the home theater section and put a movie in that I had brought from home it was Rio one of my girls favorite movies and watched the whole thing after I was finished I picked up my mess and went home.
I was very uncomfortable going out of the house in my pajamas. I felt I was not dressed or what I would call dressed to leave the house. Getting into my truck was very weird I do not wish to do that again any time soon.
The reactions I received was not really to my likings there was a lot of people that just stared and there was even an employee that sat with me trying to sell the whole nine yards. There where people that would say that I was crazy and to stay away from him but that was not enough for me.
After feeling my first attempt in my research was not as I would have expected I tried another. For the second research I chose to dress in my last years Halloween costume that was a pirate and I do mean the whole theme as well I even had a fake bird on my shoulder. This time I went out to eat with my friends. We went to a pretty fancy Italian restaurant. This restaurant had a dress code it required a coat and tie. Luckily my pirate costume had a torn up tie and a long coat. The first reaction I received was of the host he almost didn't let me in but to my surprise when I asked for the manager he quickly rushed me back to our table to where my friends were sitting.

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