Social Psychology Definition

Published: 2021-06-29 07:08:24
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Social Psychology Definition
Sherri W. Eubank
PSY 400
April 23, 2012
Julee Poole Ph.D.

Social Psychology Definition

There are a multitude of different branches that are associated with psychology, one may not take the time to investigate or learn the differences between them and might just assume that psychology is one science. This could be further from the truth. Psychology covers a large base of human behaviors as well as explains the actions, and has many different types of specializations. Throughout this paper it will be discussing as well as describing the definition of social psychology, covering the differences between social psychology and other related disciplines, and explain the roles of research within social psychology.

Definition of Social Psychology
Social psychology is "the scientific study of the effects of social and cognitive processes of the way an individual perceives, influences, and relates to others" (Myers, 2010, p4). Social processes are the way that one's feelings, thoughts, and actions are influenced by a multiple of key factors (Myers, 20100). The people who are all around us, social clicks we hang out with, personal relationships, parent's teachings, cultures, and peer pressures are the way that our thoughts, memories, perceptions, emotions, and motives are helping to guide out an understanding of the world all around us and our actions accordingly (Myers, 2010). This means that both the way an individual thinks and the individuals that surround them are also playing a part within their behaviors, actions, and reasoning. According to a psychologists named Gordon All port who stated that "social psychology is a discipline that uses scientific methods to gain an understanding and explaining how the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of an individual are influenced by actual, imagined, or implied pre-sense of another human being" (Brannigan, 2006, p737).

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