Social Network Advertising

Published: 2021-06-29 07:12:07
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Social Network Advertising

This assignment is very interesting. Social networking is so important to people these days. It provides a way for them to keep in touch with people they have known three days or even thirty years. I looked at businesses that I myself have followed and what they do on their social networks that keep me coming back as a customer.
The first business that I am going to discuss is Epiphone Guitars. I found them on Facebook while shopping for a guitar. Now, I am completely thankful for that. They use Facebook for contests and announcements of new guitars and special editions. These are all things I would not know about unless I visited their webpage constantly. Which is inconvenient. I like what Epiphone is doing with their Facebook page. What would be really cool is if they offered promo codes to their Facebook fans.

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