Smoking in Public

Published: 2021-06-29 07:10:15
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In my opinion, smoking should be forbidden in public by the government. First of all, I think that the prohibiting smoking in public is right because smoking is harmful to our health. A lot of diseases are caused by smoking like lung cancer, consumption and cardiovascular diseases....Thus, forbid smoking in public should come into law to decrease the injurious sources for the community. In the city Helena, Montana, USA after the law of forbidding smoking in public became effective as from 2002, a number of cases of coronary reduced even 40 percent. Secondly, there are a great deal of smokers in public doing harm to the community health. We will have fresher air and better environment if smoking in public is banned. Finally and the most important reason for crossing off smoking in public is that smoking in public will increase the rate of smokers because smoking is easily addictive. By banning smoking in public, smoking areas will be limited and the number of smoker will be fewer. According to the statistics of 9 hearts hospitals in Scotland, in earlier 10 months the law of prohibiting smoking in public took effective as from April, 2006, the number of the cases of coronary were 3.235, whereas there were only 2.684 cases in 10 months after announcing the law. 551 people avoided going to the hospital for coronary for the simple reason that they breathe in the fresh air. For these three reasons, I believe that the government should promulgate the law of forbidding smoking in public, which will improve the community health.

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