Sin City

Published: 2021-06-29 07:06:54
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Miles of scorching desert that never ends, everywhere you look you see nothingness. Life is not possible here. However, if you are willing to go the extra mile what you will find will be worth more than you could have ever imagined. Do not succumb to the sinister void of desert because just beyond the blistering sand you will find Sin City. A place with more entertainment and fascinating people than you have ever seen. Nothing compares to a place where there are no rules.
The people are like vampires, only coming out at night. It’s as if the sun will burn them alive so they do not dare aggravate it. When the darkness finally consumes the city of sin, there is no shortage of people. No one dares to be ordinary. They are all unique, dressed up in costumes and apparel assorted with light, feathers and things you would not imagine to be worn as clothing. Cigarette smoke pollutes the air and as you fixate on the nonsmokers you can see them hanging on to their last breath trying not to be tainted by the poisonous air. The streets and restaurants crowd with people, no one knows where they are going, they are hypnotized by the phenomenal lights and sounds. Children are nowhere to be found, the allure of Las Vegas tempts the parents to leave them at home because no one wants to sin in front of their children. Scintillating lights like UV rays torture your retinas as they try to invite you inside of their business. Men and women are like moths to a flame, the lights are not deadly but instead inviting. People flock in and out of every establishment either happy to tell their family about their winnings, or terrified about the consequences when they tell them they just lost their child's college fund. This is what it means by “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. Casinos line every corner inviting gamblers to come risk it all because “everyone's a winner here”. The desire of an adrenaline rush is too strong and adults lose all self control. Entering the casinos and risking everything even though they know deep down that the slogan “everyone’s a winner here” has no hint of truth in it, not everyone wins.
One cannot deny the invitation of casinos for too long. The immeasurable heat of the desert blasts its way to Las Vegas entering the bodies of every living thing in sight. You can feel the warmth mutilate your body, it crawls its way up to your head as easily as a snake on a newly waxed floor. Just to mess with your brain and play heinous schemes on your mind. You were not meant for this kind of abuse. The thought of cold refreshing drinks to relax the devilish heat resonates through your mind like a waterfall crashing down on rocks for the first time. You can not stand it anymore you must go inside. However, the second you enter you are imprisoned, there is no way out. Charming girls in inappropriate clothing offer you a variety of multi colored drinks. They do not conceal the fact that they are essentially

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