Signs and Miracles of Jesus

Published: 2021-06-29 07:08:46
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Jesus had performed some miracles that were amazing. In fact it baffles me that there were people that did not believe in him still. There were prophecies that made the facts come to life about Christ but still even the Pharisees who knew the bible and the Jewish laws still called him a liar. I will discuss eight miracles and sign and explain what the miracle was and I will try to explain how each reveals His deity.
The first sign of Christ and the beginning of His ministry:
The first sign of Jesus Christ took place in the Gospel of John chapter two verses one through eleven. Jesus traveled to Cana and He and his disciples were called to a wedding where Jesus' mother was. When the wine ran dry His mother said to Him, they have no more wine. Jesus had replied to His mother saying in John 2:4 (KJV) Woman, what have I to do with thee? Mine hour is not yet come. When Jesus said mine hour in not yet come, it probably means that the public revelation of Him being the Christ was not yet at hand (Towns). In it is unknown why His mother still ordered the servants to do whatever Jesus says. In verse eleven states, this is the beginning of Jesus miracles and the His disciples believed in Him. This represents Jesus' deity by demonstrating the power that Christ the Son of God has over natural creation. By doing this also it shows that He is equal with God the Father.
The second miracle not called a sign:
This miracle takes place in Galilee near the end of John chapter four in verses forty three to fifty four. There was a nobleman which was from Capernaum who had a son that was so sick that he was almost to the point of death. This nobleman had heard that Jesus was in Galilee and rushed there to ask Him to help heal his son because he knew of Christ and had faith that He would help his son. The man had asked Jesus to come with him to heal his son. In John 4:50 Jesus said to the nobleman "go thy way thy son liveth" and the man had faith and went on his way. This was also the first example of salvation to all who believe. This was a demonstration of Christ deity by showing His power over space, Jesus healed this boy without even going to him, some who use this to show Christ is God and reveals His omnipresence.

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