Seveso Case

Published: 2021-06-29 07:09:16
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Identify when and where the accident occurred.
The fatal accident occurred midday july 10, 1976 at ICMESA chemical company in Meda, Italy.

Describe how the accident occurred

The accident occured in building B. The explosion occurred in 2,4,5 trichlorophenol reactor. When the explosion happen at the chemical factory it released high levels of TCDD, which is toxic form of dioxin. When the dioxin was released it looked like a thick, white cloud.

Describe how the accident affected the environment.

The diaster which was named Seveso had drastic effects on the environment and the people. The cloud of toxin affected a total of 11 communities. Seveso had 20,000 people. Even though thoughs 20,000 didnt die, but their was 3,000 farm animals and pets who did die from the posion. The scientist had to kill over 70,000 animals to stop the high levels of dioxin from spreading into a food chain. The dioxin also effected the people. It only took four days for people to expreience sypotoms. People suffered from chlorance.They also had burn-like skin lesions. The burned-like skin lesion appeared on childern only just a few hours after the accident happen.

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