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Published: 2021-06-29 06:55:43
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I have been working in corporate from more than 5 years. In my 2 jobs during this period i was always been in searching for the business for the company for which they have recruited me.One company initially was in service sector and present one is Engineering/Manufacturing area. Both opportunity has given me lot of learning aspects.
And to publish the same i have choose this podium.

Before that i will like to brief about me, for those who dont know me. I have done post graduation in Management with Mechanical Engineering at Graduation level. I was average student in my engineering but i can say that i was excellent while i was studying management. Only lacking point was for me was sensing and reading real opportunities in my carrier and life. This lacking points always has portray me as late decision maker.

Coming to title, "Sensing Business"
In my experience from last five yearn, i can summarize as it is equally like identifying girl with whom we can marry and sustain it through out the life. While we are young we always dream to have wife like bollywood heroine, or our parents looks for us perfect "Bahu" which is defined only in their subconscious mind.

First step for real business identification is analyzing ourselves, in terms of our capability, sustainability, in-dependency, responsibility taker and value deliverable. We have to make the matrix which defines us who and how can fit to us. For marrying to heroine, it is not require to be hero, but as Mr. Nane took away Madhuri and Mr. Kudra married to beautiful Shilpa Shetty indicates the true value matrix which was offered to all mention ladies. Similarly every Enterprise is want to make business with everyone and it is not possible as we have separate value proposition which can shoots to few only.

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