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Published: 2021-06-29 06:55:37
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Self-management Skills link.
Please identify your self-management skills from the list below. There is space for you to
add skills that you have that are not on the list. Those are the things that make you
unique. Don't forget to use the Glossary or dictionary if you don't know the meaning of
the word.
___ Able to make important decisions on my own
___ Able to meet deadlines
___ Able to get along with fellow workers
___ Able to work under pressure
___ Accurate
___ Adaptable
___ Ambitious
___ Careful
___ Cheerful outlook, positive attitude
___ Committed
___ Confident
___ Conscientious
___ Consistent
___ Creative
___ Dedicated to highest quality of work
___ Dependable
___ Efficient
___ Energetic
___ Enthusiastic
___ Good sense of humor
___ Loyal
___ Neat
___ Organized
___ Patient
___ Punctual
___ Quick learner
___ Responsible
___ Willing to follow directions
___ Willing to use initiative
___ Works quickly
___ Other_________
___ Other_________
___ Other_________
Exercise: Choose three qualities/skills that you feel are your strongest. Prove it by
giving an example to how you show this skill. Here is an example:
"I am dependable. I was never late to sell tickets for the football games. I stayed after to
close up and balance the register. You can count on me to do a good job." Now your
turn: 1. "I am _____________. I have shown this quality
2. "I am ________________. I have shown this quality by:

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