Scmt 373 - Evaluations of Security Programs - Building Security Design

Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:42
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Building Security Design
Russell L. Becker
American Military University
SCMT 373 Evaluations of Security Programs
Prof. Robert Baker
April 22, 2011

The existing facility used for this research is the headquarters building is located in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. The headquarters building is a two-story building that sits aside the North Carolina inlets of the Atlantic Ocean. The first floor is the headquarters element of 2nd Marine Division and the 2nd floor is the headquarters element of II Marine Expeditionary Force. Natural Surveillance requires human presence and there is always someone out and about around our building so, in a sense, we have a community watch program, just not an official one. Of course the vital part of natural surveillance is the willingness of those observers to take action. Let's be honest, I work on a base with 50,000 Marines all looking for a fight. I think any observed misconduct would get its due attention.
Design Guidelines in relation to security in this building were probably not even considered as this was originally a supply building for a hospital; however, the facility now encompasses the Commanding General and all his staff sections. From my perspective in regards to the current use of this building as a classified storage area I think the site design is perfect. We do not want anyone just hanging around our area because of the nature of security. Having a mostly open area around the building gives a sense of separation from everyone and we enjoy the benefit that we can see you coming. Our site does not enable us to improve interrelationship design since this was a pre-constructed site. We have a parking area in front of our building with designated parking but that is limited due to space. The common area for congregating is the loading ramp at the front side of the building. This is our smokers' hangout and social plank. There is no helping the current street design as we only have one street with very minimal traffic that encompasses our building.
There are ten Common Access Card (CAC) entry points to the building; however, the main entrance can be accessed freely after showing proper identification to the security guard on duty. All visitors are required to enter through the main entrance and get a visitors badge once their security clearance has been verified. Visitor badges will not allow access through any other doors, unlike those who work in the building which can access any of the other entrances as long as they have their CAC.
One of the major problems within this building is tailgating. Too many times doors are held open for others and quite frequently, maintenance workers in the area prop doors open, which allows anyone to access the building. Unfortunately, this is security violation in some cases because not all workers are permitted unescorted access. This is a huge issue since many of the office spaces in the headquarters building are secure spaces and/or restricted areas. Given the known facts here we really need to take a closer look at securing this building in a better fashion. Bertolotti (2008), explains "we don't take word of mouth", if someone does not rate an access card then they just have to knock and request permission every time they wish to enter. In our ever changing, chaotic world, we have to take security seriously at every level to protect our national interests. With the national threat level elevated and our current fight against terrorism, it is important that we never let our guard down and protect our secrets properly. We need to protect everything in our building; our people, documents, and security information networks. Special consideration needs to be given to restricted and hypothetically "secure" areas. Compromise to these areas could cause grave danger to national security.

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