Scientific Study of Personality

Published: 2021-06-29 07:08:01
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Scientific Study of Personality Paper
PSY 504
April 7, 2012
David Dawson, PhD., CRC

Scientific Study of Personality Paper
The study of personality encompasses quite a number of different methods; the three most common method being correlation designs, experimental designs (or true experiments) and case study (Cerone & Pervin, 2010). In attempting to define personality many people face challenges as psychologists have discovered that there is a distinct relationship between personality and the study of psychology (Cerone & Pervin, 2010). Ongoing research has allowed this research to be developed and modified over time which makes it extremely important in the understanding of personality.
The scientific study of personality involves several different variables; and depending on these variables a definition of what is personality is then formulated (Cerone & Pervin, 2010). Some psychologists will define personality as the qualities that are psychological in nature which will contribute to the patterns of thinking, of behavior and of feelings, that exist in an individual (Cerone & Pervin, 2010). Personality is also considered as being all inclusive as it refers to the person on a whole; to include their mental abilities, their emotional experiences and their social behavior (Cerone & Pervin, 2010). Personality traits are also looked at when psychologists are attempting define what personality is; for example whether an individual is an introvert or an extrovert or whether they are soft spoken or outspoken or whether they are outgoing or conservative will allow the psychologist to better understand the reactions of that individual.

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