Sci 311 - Security Organization - Goals and Objectives

Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:37
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Security Organization: Goals and ObjectivesAshley Magana SCI/3111/24/17                                                    Martin Gutierrez        Security organizations establish goals and objective that focus on both business and government operations.  Establishing goals and objectives is what will help create or build a beneficial long term business. Security companies provided to cover many different activities such as physical security, information security and lastly government operations.  There are many ways that security operation establishes there goals and objectives, one would be the relationship that they build with their clients. Another way would be that security operations hold confidentially. Confidentially is very important especially in business and government operations.         “The legal aspect of security involves a mixture of criminal, civil and administrative laws.  Therefore security personnel encounter relatively unique legal obligations and face a multitude of legal issues and decisions. “( Ortmeier, P. J. 2013).  One crucial legal issue would be the information system that is being in security administrations. Confidential information like this can be leaked. It is a must for this type of information to be secure. Legal action has to take place for a breach of security of any kind. Legal agreements are issued between security organizations and clients.  As for government operations, there is privacy agreements and punishment for breach of security. When contracting employee’s security organizations have agreements before beginning their employment. The contract protects the organization as well as the clients. Within the contract employees are demanded to not share any work information with anyone outside their organizations. Another legal element would be provision such as termination.  When it comes to security management, society has to consider all legal consequence. Managers trust their employees and have to work hard to property and human assets. Government employees in the other hand have signed contract. Many crimes fall in the legal aspect in business and government.  Security organizations have to be security cautious and have to be aware of any legal issues regarding their occupation.            When it comes to organizational security there are positive and negative influences. One positive influence would be the attention of detail and the ability to meet business needs. This will show that the business is security is worth and valuable for business. Another positive influence would be to develop planned model. As for negative influence, it would be how they would handle accountability. By having accountability and enforcing decision will create feedback from clients.         It is very important for security organization to achieve goals and objectives. When security organizations fail to achieve goals and objectives it will have a negative effect.  A negative affect can cause issues with profitability. The goal is to drive the organization to a profitable long term business. With profits not stirring correctly, organization won’t be able to sustain a level of employees and services that is expected to be.

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