Sarah Breedlove (madam Cj Walker)

Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:23
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Born to two slave parents on a Delta, Louisiana plantation was Sarah Breedlove (which we know as Madam CJ Walker) on December 23, 1876. Ms. Breedlove was orphaned at seven years of age. She would quote one of her famous quotes "I got to start by giving myself a start." Sarah and her sister Louvenia survived by working in cotton fields in Delta and Vicksburg, near Mississippi. Sarah married at the age of 14 to Moses McWilliams to leave the abuse of her brother in law. Sarah gave birth to her only daughter Lelia (which we know as A'Lelia Walker) on June 6, 1885. When Moses died she moved to St. Louis where her four brothers were working as barbers. Sarah Worked for a dollar fifty a day. Sarah sent Lelia to a city public school to get an education. In 1890s Sarah started to suffer scalp problems and would experiment with home remedies trying to over come her problems. Which Sarah would end up accomplishing throughout her life journey.
Sarah was virtually illiterate which means she couldn't read and barely write. Sarah didn't have an education at all. Sarah made products for the scalp and healing formula for growth. The product was named "Madam Walkers Wonderful Hair Grower." This was the official scalp conditioner and healing formula. This was started and given a name is 1905. Sarah started by walking door to door from South to Southeast showing African American woman and some men her products that she had discovered by just trying different home remedies. In 1908 Sarah opened a facility in Philadelphia to train hair culturists. These hair culturists learned how to use her products correctly so that they could perform examples to the consumers. Early 1910 Sarah had settled in Indianapolis Indiana and built a hair and manicure and another training facility. When Sarah settled in Indianapolis she gave one thousand dollars to build a colored YMCA in Indianapolis.

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