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Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:18
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Strategic HR management involves more than just the administration of human resource programs or activities. Strategic human resource management aligns your human resource function to your core business objectives. HR is at the very center of organizational success. If the Human Resource department is a strategic partner to the business, then there will be appropriate utilization of the human resources in a company, in order to direct them towards the goals. That can be an asset and an advantage for all people involved. Effective people management is all about application of strategic management to people management. It gets HR closer to the business; makes HR more cost effective because it focuses spend on direct resources that add value to the business, it identifies areas where costs can be saved and simultaneously, where best to invest in direct resources. Often, it started out as a cost-saving initiative responding to a business directive, but as the model was developed, the other positives were realized. It's important to keep these three things in mind if and when a decision is made to go this route. First, make sure the business has ownership in the change implementation. Second, communicate, communicate, and communicate. Third, get ALL of the HR staff on board and comfortable with the change and the model. BP's can become too self- important, prima donnas and project themselves as the only necessary part of the model. One model can be just this business partnering only, with all delivery and functional activity outsourced, but in my experience, an integrated approach with an appropriate level of outsourcing is the optimum solution.

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