San Miguel Corporation's Exposure to Financial Risks

Published: 2021-06-29 06:59:59
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"San Miguel Corporation's Exposure to Financial Risks, Its Policies and Processes, and Management of Capital"

For almost a century, SMC has been one of the Philippines' forefronts under the food and beverage industry. Today, the multi-national company has moved beyond consumer products, and is participating in other industries which provide essential services in the market. From its traditional food and beverages businesses, the company is now diversified into fuel and oil, infrastructure, power, mining, telecom, and banking industries.

The diversity and complexity of SMC's business portfolios also expose the company to certain financial risks arising from the Group's operating and financing activities, which are deliberately assumed by the management.

This research paper will present the information about SMC's exposure to certain financial risks such as Interest Rate Risk, Foreign Currency Risk, Commodity Price Risk, Liquidity Risk, and Credit Risk, and the company's objectives, policies and processes for measuring and managing these risks, as well as the management of capital.
This paper will describe the company's principal non-trade related financial instruments that include cash and cash equivalents, financial assets, short-term and long-term loans, and derivative instruments which are used mainly for working capital management purposes.

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