Samsung Swot Analysis

Published: 2021-06-29 06:59:56
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1.0 IntroductionThis report is about the SWOT analysis of Samsung company. A SWOT analysis could help u to achieve company’s goal by determining the plan is good enough to carry on. (McCormick, 2016) This report is to aim to understand SWOT of Samsung. It is basically the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the company. Organization should consider all these things before proceeding with the plan. Using a SWOT analysis make organization think through all the aspect of the plan before getting start. It increase the leave of the success of the plan and confidence of the company.2.0 Background of SamsungThe founder of Samsung Byung-Chull Lee started a business in Taegu, Korea in 1938. Samsung was first start as a small export business in Taegu, Korean and then it grown into one of the biggest world leading electronics companies today.  The key product and service that Samsung provide are consumer electronics, communication product and home appliances.(G3ICT, 2016) With Samsung cutting edge design and the connectivity feature, it make Samsung’s positioning differentiation from other brand of mobile phone Company. Samsung target market are from the age group of 20s to 50s or even older. Samsung offer product to early adult between age of 14 to 25 are usually the smartphone target customer. The market for adult older than 25 are usually offer with smartphone, smart television and many other household product like fridge or washing machines. (EssayUK, 2016) Samsung financial result for the first quarter of 2016 show that Revenue was KRW 49.78 trillion which increase of 5.7 percent YoY. Samsung expect the solid performance to lead the company continue earning by the earning in the Mobile and semiconductor business. (Co, 2016)3.0 SWOT of SamsungStrengthsLeading market positionWidest range of product portfolioHigh brand valueSuccess in international marketWeaknessLed themselves to cannibalizationUsing other parties of software systemKorean culture focus more on hierarchyConsumer’s view of Apple productOpportunityGrowing market of mobile deviceFurther increasing of investment in R&DEnhance brand awarenessIncrease of demand in LTE technologyThreatLarge amount of competitorsLarge amount of Product, failure of one will affect the brandMany competitors has realize the importance of Advertising3.1 Strengths3.1.1 Leading market positionSamsung is leading of global market of smartphones by its high volume of sale.  With the leadership position in the global market, Samsung could has the fund to put in the R&D department so that it help the company to grow stronger.3.1.2Widest range of productSamsung has the widest range of product in the world as Samsung produce all type of product such as Mobile phone, Television, camera, Personal computer, Tablet, Printer, memory card and many other accessories. Home appliance like fan, air-conditional, fridge and more. Samsung has produce most of the electronic product people needed in their life. (Bhasin, 2016)3.1.3 High brand valueSamsung was the top3 world’s most valuable brand in the world.(Statistics Portal, 2016) With its strong brand , it enhance the business performance though the customers, employees and investors. It keep customer loyal and increase the retention of customer.3.1.4 Success in international marketSamsung has direct operation in more than 84 countries in the world with over 200 offices. Samsung operate its business in five major market which is America, Europe, Asia and Africa, China and Korea. 33.3% of Samsung revenue was generated from America. Follow by Europe 20.8%, China and Africa 19.8%, China 16% and 10.1% from Korea. With the

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