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Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:16
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Related Theories Sample
When making the choice to take a vacation, it is nice to have information available about the location. People often look to chambers of commerce or a city web site for this information. These are highly useful tools for what is known as tourism marketing.
Tourism marketing as cities and regions want to attract more visitors. They look for creative and effective ways to let travelers know what attractions and amenities they offer. This is tourism marketing.
For tourism marketing to be successful and effective, it needs to serve the needs of the visitor it is trying to attract and the organization producing the material.
The point of these marketing resources is to promote what the resort, city, state or region has to offer in an appealing, yet honest manner.
It is important to highlight the desirable aspects of a location without making too lofty promises or painting an unrealistic picture for the tourist. This will lead to less tourism in the long run.
Ultimately, a successful tourism marketing campaign is able to provide economic benefits for those who live in the area while attracting visitors, new citizens and businesses.
Tourism and commerce marketing, "Find yourself here." (State of California) "Pure Michigan" (State of Michigan) "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." (Las Vegas, Nevada) "Made for Vacation" (State of South Carolina) all these slogans are part of marketing campaigns geared toward tourists. Tourism marketing is a highly strategic method of attracting outside visitors to a particular location to increase commerce. These efforts can help generate income for a state or area for years to come and become a vital part of the economy.
Significance, marketing is often viewed as both a business practice and an art. Tourism, for many cities, is a large contributor to the economic well-being of the city. A successful marketing campaign can help put an area on the map and expose resources many may not have been previously aware of for that particular location. According to the California Tourism Industry's Web site, "domestic and international visitors spent $87.7 billion in California destinations in 2009." Therefore it is easy to see how tourism marketing can bring opportunities to an area such as new businesses and corporate headquarters in addition to tourist dollars.

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