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Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:15
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My Choice of Investments for Cliff
First off I feel that Cliff was lacking in having a diversified portfolio and he has not reorganized his portfolio. He is going to be getting married in about 3 years and according to what he has told me he needs at least $20,000 for the wedding and honeymoon.

I went to the Charles Schwab website and looked up information about organizing a portfolio for Cliff. There is a test that needs to be answered on this web site and I did take that test, it shows Your Time Horizon and Your Risk Tolerance. The first two questions have to do with Your Time Horizon and the next questions 3 through 7 deal with Your Risk Tolerance.

The answers that I came up with for Cliff are as follows:
1. I plan to begin withdrawing money from my
investments in:
Less than 3 years 1
3-5 years 3
6-10 years 7
11 years or more 10
2. Once I begin withdrawing funds from my investments,
I plan to spend all of the funds in:
Less than 2 years 0
2-5 years 1
6-10 years 4
11 years or more 8
Subtotal: Time Horizon Score
Enter the total points from questions 1 and 2.
Time Horizon Score: _18 points
The points were over 3 therefore I had to answer the next set of questions and they are as follows:

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