Sachiko Abe: Cut Paper

Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:08
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During November, we went on a field trip to Liverpool Biennial to visit various art shows and galleries. The piece of work that caught my attention the most was Sachiko Abe's Cut Paper. The piece was live performance art. What the piece consists of was a large pillar of cut paper in the room that leads back to Abe who sits up high on a building, almost like Romeo and Juliet. She's sat there snipping away thin strips of paper that fall to the ground that led to the large pillar, it reminded me of Rapunzel with her long hair.
Since the room's colour is full of industrial browns and greys and Abe is dressed in a white dress and the strings of paper and pure white there's an instant calmness and empowerment when I watched the performance. As soon as you walk in, everyone is in silence and deeply bemused. You cannot help but to stare at what she's doing. Abe almost looks like a snow angel.
The cutting is amplified by speakers around the room so when you walk in, you hear the slight snipping noise but as you walk closer you will hear it getting louder and it creates a certain intimate chemistry between the viewers eye and the artist.
The repetitiveness draws you in like an addiction but it's also very calming and atmospheric. Somewhat spiritual and meditational but Abe says otherwise that it's not. The pillar of paper have been accumulating for around seven years. Each snip of the skinny pieces of paper made a very satisfying noise and the way she was cutting made her look almost angelic. Her actions were graceful and patient which made the atmosphere so tranquil.

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