Rosa Case

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:49
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In the beginning of the story we start at a flashback in the holocaust, the main characters (Rosa who is the eldest, Stella second eldest, and Magda a baby) were walking down a path to a camp. Rosa is starving while Magda tries breast feed, but because Rosa is malnourished Magda can't drink anything. They continue down the path and Rosa starts thinking about Magda's shawl and how to prevent her safe from camps.She describes a plan of leaving Magda with a woman in a village, but she was worried what would happen if she left her there. Then she begins to describe the shawl, and its supposed mystical powers, how it kept Magda nourished for 3 days and nights. Then Stella says "Aryan" and looks a Magda which puts Rosa on edge because she say's Magda looks like a cannibal, waiting for Magda to die. Rosa knows Magda is going to die soon and when she started to walk she knew Magda was going to die soon, that something was about to happen. When Rosa, Magda and Stella go to sleep, Stella takes the shawl saying she was cold.
One night Stella takes the shawl which ultimately kills Magda. Magda goes out to look for her shawl, she wonders out onto the square out of the barracks and a Nazi throws her onto the electric fence, immedietly Magda is on fire she howls for her mother, but Rosa doesn't move because she can't decide wether to get Magda or her shawl and so Magda dies. We then are sent to present time where the

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