Published: 2021-06-29 06:57:22
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When reading this article one would say that Rodriguez was just in the right place at the right time because his future started when his roommate's girlfriend in college suggested he look into selling diamonds. However, someone suggesting what should be done and what is done are two different things. In this case Rodriguez needed a job and looked into the business and did it for a while. Though he soon realized he did not have control, which he did not like. This shows that there must have been something bigger that drove Rodriguez to pursing his dreams and not just a "in the right place at the right time" moment. Rodriguez is a very motivated individual who has a good personality and pays close attention to detail. This is why Rodriguez is successful.
The big five personality model shows the dimensions that underlie all other personalities and encompass most of the significant variations of human personality. According to this definition Rodriguez would then score high on conscientiousness because he would also put in the extra effort to reach his goals even when they did not seem they were reachable. He would also score high on extroversion because it seems like Rodriguez also had the skills or taught himself the skills to go farther. However, Rodriguez would score low on openness because he wasn't able to pursue his dream the first time because of the lack of creativity and the lack of being social to others.
The core self-evaluation is calculated upon how people see themselves as capable and effective in the control of their environment. Rodriguez shows he has much control over what he wants to do and how he does it. Therefore, Rodriguez rates high on the core self-evaluation. This is based upon the goals Rodriguez set and reached while building a business. He always set his goals high, like attempting to start an online business when the people in his environment in which telling him that is not a smart idea because it was not a popular thing to do. On

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