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Published: 2021-06-29 06:57:16
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Robin was offered a position at a Fortune 500 Company that supposedly had great opportunities for recent college graduates. She was also told that company was diverse and that women held top positions within the company. The company granted her and a few others the opportunity to further their education, and after completing their MBA, they were given mid-level management positions. After a few years Robin decided to start a family and moved up the corporate chains. She discovered some hurdles while trying to advance to a senior management position. Her performance level was outstanding and equivalent to every mid-level manager's performance even though she worked fewer hours than other mid-level managers. She was never considered for any of the promotions even though three men whom she enrolled in the "fast track" program had already advanced in the company.
It was clear that Robin's lifestyle was detrimental to her career since her male counterparts who enrolled in the fast track program were advancing through the ranks of the company. Robin's contribution and productivity were equivalent to other mid-level managers even with her family obligations. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, women's median weekly earnings were about 80 percent compared to men in 2004. (Compton, 2007) Women, especially with families, have a difficult time with job flexibility in the corporate world. Robin could not persuade the hiring managers that her role as a mother does not disqualify her for the position or will negatively impacts her performance with the new responsibilities. Robin's employer had this stigma that she was more dedicated to the home than the workplace and therefore, her level of allegiance at the workplace is less. Robin did not present her long term personal goals to the recruiter or asked the recruiter whether the company will support her goals. She was automatically drawn to what the company would provide professionally.

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