Roaring Dragon Hotel - Analysis

Published: 2021-06-29 06:57:05
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Introduction:The advent of internet and the rise of technology, communication and media by the last part of 20th century caused the world to "shrink" in a sense. This led to businesses and industries plan for expansions to grow as well as compete globally and maximize profits. These projects also led to conflicts arising out of cultural differences, language barriers and resistance to change. Resolving and dealing with these conflicts is very important to achieve organizational success.Background:Roaring Dragon Hotel (RDH) which has colorful history and reputation is in decline and efforts to shore it up are failing constantly primarily because of the employees not buying into the process and the incoming vendors using inappropriate strategies. The most recent effort by the provincial government to help stop this decline, improve profits and help RDH realize its potential by contracting with a reputed international company Hotel International (HI) (with the financial backing by Erhi T) has also effectively failed.Problems:The primary reason for the numerous negative results and symptoms such as attrition of employees, losses, incurring debts, contractual disputes, insubordination and many others is the deep rooted work culture present at RDH. Because of this, employees were resisting change and did not have a sense of ownership towards the company. Moreover, the strategies used to fix these issues which included wholesale changes were oblivious to the cultural aspects and they made the situation worse, resulting in contractual disputes, miscommunication which eventually caused them to fail (and thereby revert to old practices).

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