Roadshow Marketing and Sales Proposal

Published: 2021-06-29 06:57:03
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AA Driving School,To the Head of Marketing Dear Sir/Madam,RE: Roadshow Marketing and Sales ProposalTremaz has an interesting marketing idea that will help your brand grow and remain ahead of your competitors. We are an entertainment agency that has successfully partnered and worked with other brands in the past. Our marketing efforts and campaign will bring lots of new students at your doorstep. We organize and run energetic roadshow events that lead to attracting new clients to the brands of our clients. AA is one of the most established driving colleges in Kenya and with promotional efforts you can continue to expand her market segment. At Tremaz we believe that a good utilization of the opportunity presented by the new NTSA curriculum has potential for new business development for AA Kenya. During the roadshow, we shall have our foot agents collect new 500 enrollments daily that can be used in creating new business opportunities. We shall also collect data and feedback from the customers that can be used in your future innovation efforts.

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