Riordan Manufacturing Case

Published: 2021-06-29 06:56:10
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The human resources system that Riordan Manufacturing currently utilizes was implemented during the 1990's when the organization began. The system was to serve as a financial systems package that tracks information required for the business practices of the company. The data collected by the system package would include things like personal information of employees, data on payroll, and vacation days earned. Changes to such information have to be documented before the data can be implemented into the human resources system. Training and development records are currently kept within Microsoft Word Excel software while applicant information and resumes are kept in central storage locations for further analysis. Central Managers are required to manage employee information because of the lack of storage space for employee data. They must keep track of employee information like leave of absence requests and FMLA while compensation managers record job analysis and salary. Employee relations are tracked via complaint system within the offices of human resources with the use of documentation. To lighten the load of human resources, improvements to this system are required. The software in place must be upgraded to meet the demand of employment and reporting tasks in order to fulfill the needs of the organization. The use of a Web-based software within human resources would be suitable for the requirements of the human resource within Riordan Mftg. It would allow them to reduce the documentation process and lighten the workload of the managers by training and developing their education to the new software. The training process would be an ongoing ritual in order to maintain the software and keep the managers up to date with the latest information on the software. Riordan Manufacturing Inc., uses the basic software components such, accounts payable and accounts receivable, sales and, payroll, and financial reporting. They can add ERP Software, CRM system and Manufacturing Accounting Software - The accounting software usually isn't difficult to manage .By using this software the financial data will be consolidated. The accounting functions being less labor intensive can save the company on labor. The data input will in a uniform format with a consistent stream with encryption. The input of the accounting systems includes sales documents and other documents. All documentation will be input to accounting. This will control the cash flow and the inventory.

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