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Published: 2021-06-29 06:55:57
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Competitor Analysis

First released in 2001, Richard Mille (RM), with 2 boutiques in Singapore and distributed by 1 authorized retailer at 1 outlet, produces their timepieces using the best companies available today in Switzerland. RM opened up a new page to watch making industry by use and design of new technological materials. RM constant innovations in materials and technologies have achieved many first in the watch making industry. Every RM watch is a breakthrough.


With a history since 1874, Piaget was recognized for the innovation of the ultra thin movement in 1957 and had since been incorporated as the company's "signature". In 2010, the company distinguished itself by setting a double record for the world's thinnest automatic movement and thinnest automatic watch. In 2012, and building on this accomplishment, it presents the skeleton version of this same movement, brilliantly exploring the fascinating art of openworking.

In Singapore, Piaget has 2 boutiques in Singapore and distributed by 4 authorized retailers with a total of 10 branches. Piaget directly handles all the production steps, from design to delivery, thus enjoys absolute creative freedom and guarantees the authenticity of its timepieces. The brand is proud to be one of the rare genuine manufactures still active in the demanding field of haute horlogerie. Piaget focused on customised after sales service, for instance if a part is not available, Piaget is able to tailor-make the parts that had suffered damages.

Piaget focuses not only on creating the world thinnest watches, but had also incorporated bold designs and jewels into the watches. Piaget timepieces have high visibility in the press 'due to the tie-ins with high profile celebrities to assert its luxurious brand name, they had also collaborated with 3 top polo players as brand ambassadors. Piaget sponsored many of the international film and music events enhance Piaget visibility and created desirability, creating international awareness. Piaget constantly relates themselves to creation of masterpieces. Piaget also provides annual financing for Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Program to nurture next generation, and actively engage in events that are socially responsible. Other than high profile campaigns, Piaget has been organising private gathering as part of their marketing campaign, with key personnel in Piaget such as the General Manager, CEO and independent specialist trainer, to engage customer in a session of watch appreciation.

Patek Philippe

With a history since 1839, Patek Philippe has received more than 80 patents for its inventions. Some of the inventions relate to movements and others to timepiece design in the area of habillage, a term which refers to cases, hands, dials and all other elements that make up the external structure and appearance of the watch. The latest patent was in 1999 for Sunrise and Sunset, where the process of disassemble the watch to realign the cams that control the display of sunrise and sunset times to the correct date, is automated as the cams are controlled directly by the perpetual calendar mechanism.

In Singapore, Patek Philippe has 2 boutiques in Singapore and distributed by 3 authorized retailers with a total of 18 branches. Over 200 models are in regular production, produced in small series of between 10 and several hundred watches. Due to this rarity, Patek Philippe commands a high price and will fully retain or even increase its value over the years. It is an investment for the present and the future. Many of the models achieve cult status and regularly fetch record-setting sums at auction. Patek Philippe also believes in providing high standard of after-sales service by promising to give the care and attention needed for the watch to remain as reliable as ever, generation after generation.

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