Ricardo Semler's Case

Published: 2021-06-29 06:55:51
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Ricardo Semler's leadership style exhibits radical ideas through his trust and laissiz-faire attitude towards his employees. His approach harnesses the creative value of employees, leading to greater productivity and flexibility for managers and employees alike. Semler's mission is to change the habits of thought that lead to rigid, and dehumanizing workplaces, into ones that create workplaces that are engaging and productive ones, and work as interrelated in a mutual commitment. His platform is provocative, insightful and based on personal experiences as a CEO. His leadership example is a powerful catalyst for other leaders to explore fresh alternatives and to find creative solutions to modern management problems.
An hands-off management style can empower employees to adapt quickly to changing business conditions, small and large businesses under such management can also veer off course and run into trouble. Hands-off leadership can lead rifts between organizations within the corporation because there is not leaser to direct the employees. Businesses need strong leaders who communicate their priorities clearly and consistently. This strong leadership quality is needed most within small companies during their volatile beginning. As these small businesses grow, the owners can start delegating some of the operational responsibilities and focus on the big picture.

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