Rfl Chair (rfl Plastic Ltd)

Published: 2021-06-29 06:55:47
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Term Paper


RFL Chair (RFL Plastic LTD)

Submitted To:

Shawkat Kamal
Senior lecturer

Submitted By:

Faysal Ahmed
Md. Samiul Islam
Yaseen Ahmed Salahuddin


Date of submission July 29th 2010

RFL Chair (RFL Plastic LTD)

Transmittal Message
Shawkat kamal
Senior Lecturer
BRAC Business School
66 Mohakhali, Dhaka-1212.

Subject: Letter of Transmittal

Dear Sir,

With great pleasure we are submitting our final report on "rfl plastic chair". We have found this study of the report to be quite interesting, beneficial and insightful. We have tried our level best to prepare an effective & creditable report.

The report contains the strategy taken by rfl company while they produce and marketing their product and a look at how it is done in the practical way. Here we have gathered information through different sources such as websites and actual interviews from admin and production department of "RFL plastic company ltd."
We honestly hope that our analysis will help to give idea about the strategy practice of a reputed plastic company. We hope you will find this report worth all the labor we have put in it.
We welcome your entire query & take pride to answer them.

Yours sincerely,
Faysal Ahmed - 05304073
Yaseen Ahmed Salahuddin - 05304068

Our acknowledgement begins by thanking our course teacher, Shawkat Kamal who has provided us with suggestions for making this Final Report and also provided us with the format for preparing this report. Then we would like to show our warm-hearted gratitude to Anup Padder (Management Trainee of RFL LTD) who has provided us with great deal of information, adequate data and helped throughout for the accomplishment of this report successfully. Finally, last but not the least, we all would like to thank each and every member of our group for all the hard works regarding the report and we ourselves like to congratulate us for the accomplishment of the report successfully.

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